Welcome to this blog!

Hello readers,

I hope you’re doing great! My name is Neil and I’m a Computer Science engineering student, an android programmer ,a budding mobile game developer and a science enthusiast.During my free time,I read up on various articles, books and follow YouTube videos explaining different topics of science so as to expand my knowledge.

As a side-project, I have decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the world through this blog. Inspired by physicist Brian Greene’s seminars, my blog tries to decipher interesting, core topics, no matter how intimidating it might seem at a first glance. My aim is to provide, crisp and comprehensive explanation of interesting topics, without delving much into “pure mathematical equations”, so that it is appropriate for all kinds of readers. That being said, not all articles shall be free of mathematics, especially the ones based on mathematics. Whether you’re a student, a teacher or simply an enthusiast like me, you’re going to learn new things with each post.


The articles will be timeless posts that will cover either one large independent topic or series of small articles of a broader topic . Occasionally, readers might require some basic understanding of other concepts which will be listed at the beginning of the blog so that you are not interrupted in the middle. This blog strives to create high quality contents for science enthusiasts all over the globe. Simplicity and intuition is  this blog’s main theme and  re-iterating might be necessary for added clarity.  Despite this, there might be several occasions that require readers to have prior knowledge of some concepts, adding which might make articles redundant and lengthy for those who follow regularly. For that, I shall cross-link some of my previous articles that will help you catch up with the rest of the readers without having to leave the blog. The update sections shares some of the themes, topics and nature of articles to be shared in this blog.

UPDATE 1 – 11th,February,2017:

As of now, I have decided to focus on physics and mathematics and provide links to YouTube videos and other articles in order to supplement my original content. The frequency of each post might vary initially due to my changing routine as a college student. For any suggestion, or information related to science, go to Contact for my contact information.

The images used in this blog are posted are either self-made or used from Google Images.


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