The Big Bang: How the universe came into being

The universe as known today, started out very different . Only after several thousands of years since the Big Bang, did it become fit for accommodating galaxies like the Milky Way.


What is the shape of our universe?

What is the shape of the universe that holds so many galaxies and stars inside it? Is it spherical or something more complicated?

Black Hole Information Paradox

English physicist Stephen Hawking is known for his work on black holes , ranging from singularities to quantum theory of gravity. One of the most infamous paradoxes of physics is the Black Hole Information Paradox, which is a consequence of two contradictory theories of physics . In one of the previous articles, we have understood … Continue reading Black Hole Information Paradox

Black Hole: A Bottomless Pit of Space-Time

One of the most intriguing and awe-inspiring concepts of astrophysics that has intrigued physicists and enthusiasts alike is the mysterious black hole - an invisible object warping space-time around it and exerting gravitational forces so intense that not even light can escape from around it . Read this article to journey into the mysterious world of a black hole.